Огляд Vbet казино у 2022 році

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Terms and conditions

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  1. All the terms of the contract between the customer and the Company are contained in this document and written specifications provided to the customer by the Company on the website. No variation of the terms shall bind either party unless such variation is made in writing and signed by the party to be bound.

  2. Any concession, latitude or waiver allowed by the Company at any time shall be without prejudice to their strict and full rights under this contract and shall not prevent the Company subsequently exercising such rights.

  3. We try to keep information on the website and in marketing materials relevant and up to date. However, such information should be used as a guide only because products and services are frequently updated and changed.

  4. Any reviews or comments made by members of the public on this website are their opinions only and do not form any part of the specification or advice given by the Company about products or services we supply.

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  7. The Company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and treats all information supplied by customers as confidential and will only pass on such information as is required to fulfil the obligations set out in this contract and Law.

  8. The Company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and may introduce you to third party finance providers if this is your preferred option of payment.


  1. All communication between the customer and the Company will be by email. The customer’s email address used by the Company will be the same one supplied by the customer during the ordering process.

  2. When the customer places an order with the Company via the website, the Company will send the customer an email acknowledging the order and stating;

    1. details of what the customer has agreed to purchase.
    2. the total cost.
    3. arrangements for delivery.
    4. the minimum duration of any contract and arrangements for terminating the contract.
    5. how and when the customer can cancel an order and who pays for returning goods.
    6. an address where complaints can be sent.
    7. any guarantees or after-sales services the Company offer.
    8. conditions for terminating contracts.
    9. any helpline call charges that are more than calling an 01, 02 or 03 number, or a mobile or free number.